Things That Tell a Wedding Photographer is Perfect

13 Nov

There's one major similarity between weddings and news: both are events that happen only once! So when you invite someone to photograph your wedding, you expect them to expertly capture every critical moment because you'll never experience it again. Here are tips you may review and help pick the perfect Pittsburgh wedding photography pro, who proves their ability to satisfy your special day needs:

The Photographer Prioritizes Your Acquaintance

You can trust a wedding photographer who's availability prior to the special day is not limited to online chats. It's important for the photographer to familiarize themselves well with the couple. You're inviting the photographer to reveal more than just your names or wedding site--that's also an opportunity for you to let them in on any personal needs you want addressed. Maybe a camera shy couple uses this chance to get nice posture tips from the photographer? You can have meaningful early conversations with the photographer to help you navigate your photo sessions better. 

Determines Your Photography Style

A great professional like Steven Dray figures out and provides the style of photography your wedding needs. A fine example is portrait photo shoot, a style that almost every wedding photography service offers. Fashion photo shoots are also common in weddings that must have a couple of "standard" shots.

Therefore, leave the amateurs alone, and look for a photographer with the perfect portfolio for your style in case you prefer those pre-determined postures that involve your immediate family members, friends, and the bridal party. Another possibility for you is a hybrid that involves standard styles and photojournalism wedding photography. That means you'll also be looking for photography that tells a story from minute one to the end, without necessarily requiring participants to pose or know that they're being photographed.  Get more facts about weddings at

Checks Out the Venues

Your photographer requests a list of the venues for your photo shoots, and they proceed to assess them right away. For example, the photographer will walk into a church wedding venue and look out for perfect photography positions and any relevant obstacles. The photographer is one step ahead if they match the timing of their visit to the locations with that of the anticipated wedding day to assess how well the backgrounds fair in aspects like lighting and aesthetics.

When the photographer checks out the place of the wedding and reception beforehand, they forestall disappointment. Likewise, the photographer is well informed to go prepare and bring photography gear that has appropriate specifications, for example the perfect aperture size for camera lenses.   

You want your Pittsburgh wedding photography to go well, so choose a photographer that has what it takes to capture invaluable memories on camera!

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